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Chairman's Speech
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  Thank the community care, support Wan optical cable, have your pleasant cooperation, only Man Optical Cable to grow and develop.

  No quiet space in the context of market competition in the development process, we have realized to a foothold in the market, there should be innovative thinking, the concept of an open, advanced hardware and strong personnel team support, and all this the premise is that market acumen matched with professionalism to the rich cultural heritage and a solid moral foundation, industry, diligence, in order to eternity.

  The era of economic globalization has come, in the face of opportunities and challenges, we can not meet the constraints of the traditional market structure, we want to highlight their unique perception of the world market if the chest Sheng no less than the Earth, you can not have the whole world. Hope and competition in the world of our reason to go in the forefront of the times, the era of responsibility and calling the mission of the reality of us to the pinnacle of the history, it will inspire us, accompany us always.

  Wan Optical Cable, thousands of miles journey, we will step by step to take each step.

Chairman: Li Yunhua