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Inaction government issued 22 preferential policies for wire and cable companies
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  To further promote the healthy and stable upgrade the wire and cable industry, Wuwei County in accordance with the requirements of the scientific concept of development, has made a number of decisions to further accelerate the development of wire and cable industry, wire and cable construction projects, enterprises bigger and stronger, technological innovation, improve the level of management and development environment, introduced 22 new regulations and preferential policies to effectively speed up the development of wire and cable industry.

  Encourage special cable construction projects. County regulations, the new cable companies, and enjoy the County's investment preferential policies. When the value of the amount of the annual purchase of equipment in more than 10 million yuan (including 10 million yuan), to give 1% of their equipment investment subsidies. The year the purchase of advanced production equipment, the purchase price the amount of 200 million yuan (including 200 million), and the other to give a reward of 1% of their equipment investment. Investment in line with national industrial policy, technological transformation projects, after the completion of the project equipment total investment reached 10 million yuan, net increase in each tax year than the year before production companies to pay VAT within two years the amount of VAT paid-up by the same The level of financial part of the local gains full reward to the enterprise; the amount of investment in equipment for each additional 10 million yuan, enjoy the above preferential policies for years of one-year extension, up to five years.

  Encourage cable companies to become bigger and stronger. To support the leader, the focus of the county of taxable sales revenue exceeding 300 million yuan enterprises, state-level high-tech enterprises, with a national brand names or famous trademark to implement dynamic management, the establishment of the leader in the library. In project approval, land approval, to enjoy the preferential policies, the distribution of bank credit to further increase support for and coordination of efforts to encourage enterprises to bigger, stronger. To encourage the formation of enterprise groups, the county provides a sales revenue of over 50 billion enterprise groups, the county government one-time award of 500,000 yuan.

  Encourage enterprises to strengthen scientific and technological innovation. County regulations, new construction, expansion and technical transformation projects, projects or products to fill gaps in the province reached advanced domestic level, to fill the gaps or reached domestic leading level; of new finds for the national high-tech enterprises, the project, access to national and provincial scientific and technological progress awards, independent research and access to national patents and industrialization of invention and design in the county, each were given 1-10 thousand dollars reward.

  Encourage enterprises to improve their management level. County regulations, the Chinese enterprises to well-known trademarks, brand names, National Quality Award, and access to the enterprise of Anhui Province Quality Award; passed the ISO9001 international quality system, ISO14001 international environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification enterprises; enterprises to get the prize of the provincial business management achievements were one-time award ranging from 10-3 ten thousand yuan. The introduction of full-time doctors, masters, and wire and cable related majors at least one year, respectively, one-time incentives to enterprises 20000 -5000. Enterprises more than 1 million yuan in taxes, the legal representative of the nationally recognized college-level education through continuing education, awards $ 10,000 to obtain the degree or above, the reward of 20,000 yuan. Also provides that the enterprise for the establishment of a national vocational skills cable identification station one-time award of 100,000 yuan. Personnel with senior technicians, technicians, senior national vocational qualification after the expiration of three years in the enterprise work, were given 30 000 -1 million reward.
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