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New energy policies enterprise see light energy development in western twilight
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  Ten industrial revitalization plan rules gradually introduced as a new industry, new energy promotion plan will also be introduced. The symposium, held in the Ministry of Finance, 21 afternoon, Hu Jintao, Vice Premier Li Keqiang said that the development potential of new energy, the emphasis should be given support, and strive to achieve a breakthrough, efforts to achieve industrialization, large-scale. Suntech expressed the hope that the country can as soon as possible supporting measures to significantly reduce the cost of optoelectronic start a new domestic energy market as soon as possible. At the same time, businesses see the dawn of the PV development in the western region.

Suntech Group, Office of Mr Foo said NetEase connection, due to the natural characteristics of the photovoltaic light of the eastern region is short, and the high cost of construction, light in the western region, there is a large area of ​​flat Gobi desert, the difficulty of construction low, there is an ideal area for PV, while the more developed regions of the domestic photovoltaic applications are concentrated in the eastern region, resulting in high overall cost. In Dunhuang Project at 0.69 yuan / watt "jump" priced out of the western region there is no new photovoltaic projects. Mr. Fu, the state has adopted policies to develop new energy sources in the specification of the tender price, in the western region will continue to vigorously promote the photoelectric scale, vigorously develop low-cost optoelectronic

Currently, the optical difficult to promote the most critical cost issue, the character's opinion, the photoelectric current cost or high, the photoelectric cost of the eastern part of the roof up to 3.7 yuan / kWh, terrestrial photovoltaic establishment costs about 2.5 yuan, the western terrestrial photovoltaic relatively low cost, also 1.5 yuan / above, far beyond the current thermal power, water and electricity prices, seriously affect the popularity of the photoelectric Therefore, the state must be the introduction of supporting measures to substantially reduce the photoelectric cost in order to popularize the photoelectric use. The same time, will also save the domestic photovoltaic industry in financial crisis.

Mr Foo that, first of all, the state more PV companies in the financial subsidies is very necessary, so that the photoelectric enterprises at least not lose money. The end of March, the Ministry of Finance introduced the policy of subsidies for the photoelectric roof PV Enterprise is a big positive. He said that the photovoltaic construction cost about 30 yuan, 15-20 yuan / watt after the state subsidies, the cost of PV companies is equivalent to reduce by 45-55% in some provinces (Jiangsu) in state subsidies local matching subsidies. Mr Foo that, I hope that in the case of countries continue to increase subsidies, local governments can provide matching grants effort to reduce the photoelectric costs, speed optoelectronic applications.

Second, the state introduced measures to encourage and network to reduce the transmission cost of photovoltaic power plants to solve the photoelectric and network bottlenecks. Mr Foo said, photovoltaic power plants to achieve the grid is more difficult, first of all the smaller, less interested of the grid for the photoelectric and network, cable costs borne by the PV companies put forward in the process of grid-connected photovoltaic power plants to substations conditions; Second, implementation and network engineering experience, a number of other costs than the foreign project is much higher, but also to PV companies to bear.

Finally, Mr Foo also mentioned that the state should as soon as possible the relationship between ownership of the policy regulating the photovoltaic project. In the the photoelectric promotion early, roof plan, the implementation of public buildings, provided free of charge by the Government of the low Ang-depth with the project implementation progress will be transferred to civilian use, private use of the roof of the building, time, property rights, tariff sharing will become a focal point of the entire project can continue to carry.
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