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Torch Plan expedites Yixing wire and cable industry
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  Yixing since ancient times, is a land of his generals, hometown of the renowned professors. Here not only the talent, wire and cable industry of Yixing is little known, is developing rapidly in recent years, has become the first pillar industry of Yixing. Has all kinds of wires and cables in the city produced more than 400 enterprises, annual sales of more than 30 billion dollars, accounted for one-third of Yixing economic output, busy cable 15% per cent of total industry sales, become the country's largest manufacturer of wire and cable distribution center. Yixing is located the wire and cable industry base of national torch plan, is optimistic about Yixing wires and cables is sunrise industry, the early features of industrial clusters.

  In just a year's time, Yixing bases to foster cluster advantages, creating iconic works as the goal, leading the global development by scientific development view, in all aspects of scientific and technological innovation have made distinguished achievements. Now that Al-Qaida has 13 national torch plan key high-tech enterprises, with a focus on high-tech enterprise 4, 45 billion enterprise income base shared responsibility for businesses in the provincial science and technology plan projects near and above 30, national torch plan project, 4 2 national key new product project. In 2008, 35.36 billion yuan output value base for enterprises, Wuxi Southern Yangtze cable-only Ltd to have signed South Africa Power Board 5-year supply contracts totalling 2.5 billion yuan, Al-Qaida last year exports amounted to us $ 115 million.

  With this series of numbers, wire and cable industry base in Yixing well-deserved won the "national torch plan implementation of the 20 anniversary of the advanced management units" title, became a national leader in more than 180 more industrial base of national torch program.

  Beginning of the innovation system of science and technology platform

  Development of high-tech industry, talent is the key. Since the establishment of the base, always adhere to people-oriented, to put forth effort to promote the industrial agglomeration and innovation capacity as main task; the play to their own advantages, and highlight the characteristics of the industry, promote the core competitiveness as the goal base; related to technology, markets, resources, functions as a link, focus on fostering regional innovation system has its own characteristics. Not only do they encourage and support enterprises to establish various forms of research and development institutions, and in common areas of development focus to create a research and Development Centre. Wire and cable industry base with provincial level engineering technology research center, 3 4 municipal engineering technology research center, located in all areas of materials, manufacturing of wire and cable and communication cable, at the same time also have post-doctoral mobile station 1, employs around 35 doctors, masters and 89. At present, the national wire and cable quality supervision and inspection center located in Yixing. The completion and perfection of the public service platform, realizing the optimum configuration and integration of technology resources sharing, for the majority of small and medium enterprises also provides powerful support for the development of science and technology innovation and industrialization.

  Union mining production and research innovation potential

  Base Office relies on the city's production of joint activities, targeted business matchmaking for base, a "Government use, the Opera school and enterprise" form base enterprises enhance their capacity of innovation to create a good environment. 2007 held a concert with several colleges and universities in Shanghai and Zhejiang University Science and technology projects, and organizations related enterprises in the form of teams to the Harbin Polytechnic University College on the topic of wire and cable, such as science and technology procurement. Wire and cable production Union was formally established in October 2007, the first batch of 18 wire and cable companies and 6 domestic trade agency of well-known research institutions, fully taking advantage of the talent technology scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, strengthening close joint enterprises and scientific research institutes, efforts to improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises, promote original innovation, integration, innovation and innovation of digestion and absorption. Efforts formed has independent intellectual property of core technology and key technology, speed up technology results to reality productivity transformation, promote base by "trunk type" to "head type" development, fired has General Enterprise flourish of vitality, research activities not only for base build has production, and learn, and research phase associated of innovation hatch platform, and build has provides capital, and technology, and management, and talent and service catalytic of platform, for base develop out active warm of innovation atmosphere.

  Danger in optimizing the industrial structure

  Base a good development trend, Yixing base of leadership, they they are fully aware, wire and cable base facing the development of high-end products, raise the level of industrial pressure and many other challenges. Therefore, in the process of discovering, nurturing and support of the project source, always adhere to the scientific concept of development sustainable development requirements, pay attention to rely on scientific and technological innovation and realizing circular economy development mode, create a larger space for development, and strive to promote base by "resource type" to "innovation" change. Yixing wire and cable industry there are fewer high-tech tips products, traditional products in the past competition between large, issues of region brand strengthening was needed, and so on, must be implemented on the existing basis a new round of product updating, upgrading, changing traditional patterns of energy-intensive and low value-added production. Base Administration Office of government administrative functions into full play, through policy guidance, project support, environment, and other initiatives, promote the readjustment of the industrial structure of enterprises and innovation of production management, improve product quality, to create consistent with sustainable development concept of business and product groups.

  Yixing people in one year's time, Yixing industrial base and create a reputation of wire and cable, have made outstanding achievements. All this confirms the national torch plans to embody the characteristics of the times established in the practice of reform and opening up "innovation and entrepreneurship, enrich the nation" profound connotations. Yixing people always adhere to the implementation of the innovation strategy, firmly establish the positive concept of independent innovation, highlight the focal points, enhancing integration, promote traditional products to the development of high technology products, companies shift from labour-intensive to capital-intensive, intelligence-intensive, efforts to base into a national leader, advanced research and development in the world.

  Long unconciously: in today's scientific and technological progress, Yixing wire and cable industry base in just a years ' time, a rewriting and refreshed several records. Core connotation of national torch plan is "emancipate the mind, be bold in making innovations, tolerance failure, focus on cooperation". Yixing industrial base to fully grasp the core of torch plan of wire and cable, carrying forward the technology to create wealth, Boda spirit of enriching the powers of science and technology, leading the knowledge economy with strong sense of mission and social responsibility in having a large number of entrepreneurs gathered in Al-Qaida, enhanced features, give full play to superiority. Adhere to the enterprise as the main body, construction of self-innovation system of combination of production, teaching and research, continuous upgrading of the competitiveness of China's high-tech industry.

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