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The path of the success of China's wire and cable brands
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       Today, China's wire and cable industry has a huge industrial chain, with its output ranked first in the world, is becoming an important production base of the world's high-tech cable products, and transition to the R & D and manufacturing base.

        However, goods without a license, big but not strong, "some domestic large-scale cable manufacturing companies are facing a serious problem, a series of challenges to these cable companies to expand production, and thus restricted their further development. How to create the brand of cable, expand markets, promote the rapid growth of domestic cable brand, to resolve the problem of diseconomies of scale ", take the cable own brand of the road to success has become a swing in front of the cable companies to be solved subject.

        Looking back on the course of development of wire and cable in China, foreign cable brand has monopolized the entire high-end cable products market. 80-90 years of the last century, there are a number of cable manufacturers to go the road of "wedding dress" for others, it is called: OEM production, processing products for overseas businesses to earn a modest profit, and is done quite Good cable manufacturers in the previous 10 next year, has been in business and product road, very little investment to shape their own brand. Although some domestic cable manufacturers can produce some high-end cable products, but the absence of brand appeal, the market did not buy it, the project tendering are subject to foreign cable brand following the lead of the domestic cable brand is difficult to take a slice .

        Control of the world-famous brand's success, and both are to brands. With the pressure of market competition and the enhancement of brand awareness, brand two trend of the cable industry is gradually emerging Chinese cable manufacturers began to shift to brand management from the operation of products, still persevere in the case of foreign monopoly of cable brand development cable products. After more than ten years of the baptism of the market economy and tempered the cable industry's most intensive Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta region, there have begun to take shape with the competitive strength of the cable brand, and market recognized and the user's identity, the vast Asia, Africa and Latin America and the Middle East has been active in a large number of Chinese-made cable, "Made in China" is becoming a splendid pearl shining in the world cable market. But how to achieve the overall leap from the "Made in China" to "Created in China", you also need to continue to enhance their own strength, deep secret agents from the marketing model of technology, product innovation and diversification, hard skills, in order to get the enterprise leaps and bounds.

        Experts have pointed out, in the face of economic globalization, the enterprises will never venture only, not in setting. If an enterprise management, product development, development model, its pioneering spirit, the core technology, enterprise success difficult. Therefore, the cable manufacturers only maintain high investment in R & D, their own core technology and product patents, and extensive cooperation with world-class cable companies, to seek to develop a long-term perspective in order to build international cable brands , and ultimately from the "Made in China" to "create" from the "world factory" to "China R & D".

        Secondly, the Chinese cable brand has been widely accepted. Need to rely on domestic and international cable market to promote their brands, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and management methods, innovation, and the integration of the culture of customer needs and their own brand to expand its influence to improve the capacity to provide services for the cable market in the cable The market, called out the slogan of Chinese brands, into a world brand. Take the brand to care market, led by leading market, the leading zone, leap from quantity to quality, gain glory and a place in the cable market in the supremacy of national industry, and more Chinese cable industry to set a new milestone .

        In recent years, through the tireless efforts and baptism cable brand into the international market has taken a solid step forward, with the most top cable brand contest but also in technological innovation, product development and channel construction do a lot, should pay more attention to speed up the sedimentation speed of the history of the brand, so that more Chinese brand cable into the forefront of worldwide sales, the development of China's cable industry to a new level.

        Numerous facts have proven that China is now the world's most dynamic economies, the current global financial crisis engulfed a tremendous impact on China's export-oriented enterprises, which of course has a certain impact on the market in Europe and America.

         The financial tsunami for the other cable companies also brought a threat, because in the cable industry, many companies are doing at the same time to do the domestic export. To this end, how to optimize the adjustment of the enterprise development strategy, through a positive strategic move to avoid the risks of financial tsunami is the various cable companies will have to consider the issue.

         But at the same time, the crisis bears opportunities. With the national 4 trillion investment plan, as well as the policy of expanding domestic demand, the introduction of large-scale infrastructure construction, the construction of affordable housing and a number of investment to build a series of initiatives, which will bring great impetus to the entire cable industry . Especially for the cheap domestic cable brands may contain greater opportunities. In this backdrop, the cable companies to analyze the changes in the pattern of industry development and competitiveness of the financial crisis, from the enterprise to manage and expand domestic demand, both deal with. On the one hand, management efficiency, reduce the operating costs and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises through the efficient management and operation mechanism. On the other hand, actively cooperate with local distributors to increase marketing efforts to rationalize the sales channels to enhance the cable brand image and reputation.
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