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Speech on the image of the store opening celebration in Jingzhou, Hubei
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Distinguished leaders, to the guests, and friends:

  Today is the opening day of celebration of our 000 Optical Cable Co., Ltd. in Jingzhou, the image of the store, please allow me on behalf of the Wan light Chairman Mr. Li Yunhua to express my most sincere congratulations to Miss Lin Liping, general manager of Jingzhou image of the store opening, Jingzhou image of the store hard work of all my colleagues, to express my heartfelt thanks for all the good friends to attend today's celebration!

  Wan optical cable in Taizhou, Zhejiang, is the most strength, the most potential for cable companies, which not only has its own production equipment and management, and have a very hard working, unity and cooperation among staff, this is my company a valuable asset. Based on the continuous development of innovative, not forgetting the efforts to create a favorable external environment, the majority of partners to provide timely and thoughtful service, Wan optical cables and all the care and support of good friends, and common development, work together to build first-class Wan light brands. I adhere to the quality of survival, and management to be effective, people-oriented, relying on the brand extension market, based in Zhejiang country look bigger and left strong, light cable, Wan optical cable into the 1000 City, 100 10,000 stores, and truly bring ten thousand bright.

  Last sincerely wish the prosperous heyday of the Wan light cable Jingzhou image of the store, another miracle, like to invite all the good friends million light cable guest guidance! Thank you! !


                                                                              Wan optical cable Co., Ltd.

                                                                               Vice President: Wu Zhibing

                                                                                   June 6, 2009
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